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We’ve spent years perfecting our SaaS controlling setup. Here’s how you can copy what we’ve built, incl. KPIs and templates.

Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash.
Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash.
Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash.

Any VC will happily tell you about the handful of metrics that really let them compare SaaS companies ‘at a glance’. However, there is scant advice on how to actually, reliably produce the numbers you need to run a SaaS startup. This article will help you build a controlling setup that delivers what you need to steer a growing team and answer any investor questions with confidence.

To get you started, I’ll reveal the controlling process we’ve been perfecting at awork over the last 8 years including a complete list of important KPIs and ways to consistently measure their development.

Based on this you‘ll be able to copy the setup that has allowed us to manage several funding rounds, steer through liquidity shortages and build our user-base to more than 15.000 …

Use This Blueprint For a Shared Desk Culture Instead

As I enter the office, there is a vibrant buzz of people from different teams engaged in small-talk and project discussions. A group of marketing and product managers is huddled around a laptop in the lounge area, discussing designs over coffee. My co-founder and CTO has moved a whiteboard into an open office space where he’s trying to figure out a server issue with a handful of frontend and backend developers. Across the room, a customer-success call with a key-account is in progress and the manager in charge waves over an engineer to quickly help with a complex integration setup. …


A well-run town-hall meeting should be your secret weapon to establish a positive team culture.

Image for post
Image for post
The basic building-blocks of any well-run All-Hands meeting. Image by awork.

All-Hands or Townhall meetings have been a part of startup culture for a long while and our startup awork is no exception. Creating a productive and motivating work culture is more important than ever and I’d like to share the most important lessons we’ve learned since 2012 to help you host a successful All-Hands meeting for your team, too.

Why All-Hands meetings are special for founders

Besides being a very good way to communicate important developments, All-Hands meetings are unique in that they give perspective to everybody involved.

For founders, All-Hands meetings are a constant reminder of how much a company has grown and how much we care about each individual team member — seeing everybody’s curiosity directed at you on an All-Hands stage will most assuredly do that to you. …

Tobias Hagenau, co-founder @ HQLabs //
Tobias Hagenau, co-founder @ HQLabs //
Yay, it’s me!

Hey, I’m Tobi. 👋

I consider myself to be a European, born in Germany, primary school in Switzerland, highschool in Sweden, back in Germany since then. In 2011 I was fortunate enough to be around entrepreneurial people as I finished my engineering degree in Hamburg and a side project with my co-founders Nils and Lucas turned into a business within weeks.

Since then, we’ve successfully raised funds and completely failed at it, too. We built a direct sales team and then transitioned to a fully online, inbound marketing process. We’ve switched customer focus from very traditional mechanical engineers to hipster creative agencies. We started off wearing shirts and sometimes even suits to the office (honestly 🤦‍♂️) and today a hoodie is considered professional attire. …

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